The Next Yunus Forum will be an all day birthday party (+1) in Dhaka on June 29 Help make a top 10 list of youth and yes we can projects that would be worth collaborating around before and after example 1 ambassador 5000 example 2 1000 social business links in one web ideas welcome also we would like to give all delagate a page of 100 good news headlines for sustainability and the collaboration race to poverty museums gravitated by connecting the 7 wonders of microeconomics: energy, credit, edu, health, media, smba and yes we can gov - do you have a candidate headline?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Future Capitalism of 2008

Grameen<> Danone : news ; greats 1 2 3 -vitamin milk-based foods
Grameen<> GE <> Hi-tech diagnosis & Virtual
Grameen<> Mayo Clinic -training?
Grameen<> Pfizer - healthplan?
Grameen<> German-Saudi Hospitals -constructon
Grameen<>BASF malaria nets and vitamin foods

Grameen<>Veolia Water


Grameen<>The Green Children <>Aravind Eyecare

Banking*Mobile Leapfrogging

Banking*Social Business Funds
Grameen<>Credit Agricole
Grameen <>Principality of Monaco

Grameen<>HEC Paris


National Microcredit/Banking Strategies
Grameen<>Carlos Slim

New Marketing - watch for

Grameen<> Bill Gates news; greats 1 2 3
Grameen<> Google news; greats or Q's 1 2 3
Grameen<> Intel news: greats or Q's 1 2 3
Grameen<> Cisco news : Qs 1 1 2 3

Grameen<> Water Industry
Grameen<> Health Projects: greenchildren-eyecare; medical science park dhaka 1 2
Grameen<> Cox's Bazar

Please tell us other news on capitalism that celebrates humanity , citizens project/mapping intelligence centre at facebook wiki