The Next Yunus Forum will be an all day birthday party (+1) in Dhaka on June 29 Help make a top 10 list of youth and yes we can projects that would be worth collaborating around before and after example 1 ambassador 5000 example 2 1000 social business links in one web ideas welcome also we would like to give all delagate a page of 100 good news headlines for sustainability and the collaboration race to poverty museums gravitated by connecting the 7 wonders of microeconomics: energy, credit, edu, health, media, smba and yes we can gov - do you have a candidate headline?

Friday, May 15, 2009


good news from

the best brands for peoples of the world -including all the hundreds of sustainability solutions being replicated out of Bangaldesh - don't have any money to waste on ads and paid for fashion sponsors

- so we are always looking for global platforms and hi-trust people networks to linkin and amongst several exciting ones including the imminent empowerment album from the pop group greenchildren , yunus movie is the one that excites most of all to prepare for - do send in other ideas to

this post will update on this extraordinary happening hubbing out of paris around one of the top journalist for humanity Vivian

Vivian's plans for this went back way before the fame that Dr Yunus gained from award of the Nobel prize and represent a life vision -hwy not connect al;l the nest news and actions in the number 1 colqaboration space race of our generation - to see poverty museums blossoming out of every place so ending the dismal system mistake that got embedded in days of colonial global-down power (compound extraction from the world's poorest rural areas by the biggest cities in ways even more toxic than subprime compound vanities and terrors) extreme poverty and loss of any community's sustainability represents

here are some links to advance press on movie with extracts:
variety broadwayworld -hollywoodreporter

CANNES -Power Duo to Take Up Nobel Cause- Former BBC Films chief David Thompson and "Mamma Mia!" firector Phyllida Lloyd are developing a movie based on the influence of Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus' radical economic theories on the lives of women. The U.K.-based Thompson is developing under his Origin Pictures banner,and will work alongside producers Christian de Boisredon, Vivian Norris de Montaigu and Nicolas Jourdier, who initiated the project and collaborated closely with Yunus to bring the project to the table.Known as the world's "banker to the poor," Yunus began by lending $27 to 42 people in 1976. His Grameen bank has since loaned more than $6 billion in Bangladesh and his work has been duplicated in over 100 countries.By lending predominantly to women in poor communities, Yunus has managed to foster a spirit of collective responsibility underpinning the bank's success -- it boasts a 98.5% repayment rate, far higher than any commercial banks. "Yunus has thrown down the gauntlet to all of us," Lloyd said." How to live our lives. If the poorest of the poor can transform their worlds, what excuse is there for the rest of us? This is an astonishing story of not taking 'no' for an answer."We believe it will be entertaining and gripping, shining a spotlight on the global stories that bind and divide us," Thompson said.


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