The Next Yunus Forum will be an all day birthday party (+1) in Dhaka on June 29 Help make a top 10 list of youth and yes we can projects that would be worth collaborating around before and after example 1 ambassador 5000 example 2 1000 social business links in one web ideas welcome also we would like to give all delagate a page of 100 good news headlines for sustainability and the collaboration race to poverty museums gravitated by connecting the 7 wonders of microeconomics: energy, credit, edu, health, media, smba and yes we can gov - do you have a candidate headline?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Headlines of Future Capitalism - SMBA microsummit

We are asking friends and the 1000 readers of what are the system crisis headlines from the book's chapters that stay with them. This qualifies for good news as we adopt the Eastern definition of crisis as crossroads of compound oppportunity and risk. To know what the system problem is -that's where all good news and actions can blossom

chapter 1 - none of the major 20th century organsiational typologies is designed to systemically end poverty nor to compound sustainability's investment. One reflection of that in corporate world is CSR where leaders of individual organisations say our owners (and how we are quarterly measured and rewarded and appraised by media) can't afford to be the first not to externalise our sector's greatest risk or its most speculative way of extracting. This suggests we need to approach valuation (free market transparency of media) at the global market sector level not just separated systems.


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