The Next Yunus Forum will be an all day birthday party (+1) in Dhaka on June 29 Help make a top 10 list of youth and yes we can projects that would be worth collaborating around before and after example 1 ambassador 5000 example 2 1000 social business links in one web ideas welcome also we would like to give all delagate a page of 100 good news headlines for sustainability and the collaboration race to poverty museums gravitated by connecting the 7 wonders of microeconomics: energy, credit, edu, health, media, smba and yes we can gov - do you have a candidate headline?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

micro-ed and www-women

thanks NY meeting around may 21's women together sounds great; meeting mother of microcredit is always the greatest of privileges,

and maybe I can find out whether there is any educational revolutionary we have forgotten to ask to june 29 -will mrs begum have heard of youth ambassador 5000?

incidentally it would help me for other occasions to be introduced to a diary keeper in the new york office of grameen - I did visit there once but it was not at all obvious whose flow matched mine; the flow with st johns edu is very important for me to map in case they have anything to connect with spanish-african microsummit knowledge sharing!! (attached)

the situation had been different when amy wilson was representing grameen shakti out of that office because that was an obvious story to be able to take yes we can world's questions on


"Reaching Targets to the Millennium Development Goals"

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLNurjaham Begum. General Manager of Grameen Bank. ... Women Together Vicepresident. . Hillary French. -
UN partners with filmmakers to give voice to women suffering in ...
Xinhua - ?May 14, 2009?
Among the screenings are films showing how a Liberian woman "braved the tide of hate that was sweeping over" her war-torn country by bringing women together ...
ADMAF founder Hoda Al Khamis Kanoo to receive Women Together Award ...
AME Info - ?May 14, 2009?
The Organization has special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council and is associated with the UN programme for poverty eradication.
Patricia Velásquez: “Mi trabajo es luchar por los que tienen un ... - ?May 13, 2009?
Por eso fue reconocida por la Organización de las Naciones Unidas, la cual le entregará el premio Women Together Awards en Nueva York el próximo 20 de mayo. ...


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