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Friday, May 15, 2009


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IDCOL to Produce Solar Panels in Bangladesh, 04.25.2009, 06:16am (GMT)

Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL), a non-bank financial institution on Bangladesh, is planning to produce solar panels locally in an effort to bring the country's rural areas under power supply network in a faster way."We've planned to produce solar panel to make it cheaper as well as expand our service areas in line with the government vision of 'Electricity for all by 2020'," IDCOL's newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Executive Director Islam Sharif told.IDCOL now imports solar panels from various countries, including China and India, which is costlier for local users. "But, if we can produce the solar panel locally it would be cheaper for the villagers to use it as an individual power system," Mr Sharif said.Islam Sharif, who served as Vice-president of Citibank NA in New York, suggested that the government should go for a comprehensive campaign to encourage people to use solar energy as the national power grid is unable to cope with the growing power demand."We also encourage the businessmen to install solar energy system in their industries and we're ready to assist them (businessmen) in this regard," he said. The country's most development plans focus on the capital or metro cities. "But," he said, "IDCOL turns its focus on urban, suburb and rural areas."The IDCOL boss said they also have a plan for setting up their own power plants in different regions of the country where poor road communications hamper local trades. About IDCOL activities, Sharif said IDCOL promotes solar home systems (SHSs) in rural areas under a programme jointly being financed by IDA, Global Environment Facility (GEF) and KfW & GTZ.IDCOL has made an upward revision in its target of financing 300,000 SHSs by 2009 as over 295,000 SHSs have already been installed.

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